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New Tenant Online Referencing System Launches!

Risk Management Specialist, Leaseguard Ltd, is moving forward in 2012 with the launch of their new Tenant Online Referencing Service for both existing and new agents.

Veronica Allison, Operations Manager at Leaseguard, commented "We pride ourselves in providing a tailored service to our agents and have developed this facility as a result of feedback received."

Leaseguard Ltd has worked in tandem with their agents to develop an efficient, yet still personal, Tenant Online Referencing Service. From the feedback they received from their agents Leaseguard Ltd learned that their agents would save more time if the tenant could fill out application online. Veronica commented "Our Leaseguard elves have worked hard over the past few months to ensure that the system lives up to the requirements set out by our agents."

In support of their new Tenant Online Referencing Service, Leaseguard Ltd worked with leading credit information expert, Equifax, to enhance the application process for their agents. Equifax credit data is playing a key role in enabling the team at Leaseguard to verify the identity and credit status of an applicant as swiftly as possible so that agents do not experience delays in their decision-making process. The Equifax data is also crucial in ensuring that only the most suitable tenants are accepted by agents.

"We chose to work with Equifax because they offer the best quality consumer credit data solutions for the Leaseguard Tenant Online Referencing Service" advised Veronica.

She also went on to add "Credit information plays a vital role in checking that tenants are who they say they are and that they will be able to pay their rent.  We are confident that the Equifax data will give our agents the best possible risk management support."

Leaseguard Ltd suggest any agents who would like to try their new Tenant Online Referencing system simply contact their Sales & Marketing team on 0845 345 1705 or email

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Do I really need insurance?

"It's just another added expense…" or "I don't think I really need Insurance" are phrases our Insurance Team hear on a daily basis! Nobody likes to pay out for insurance but it can be a safety net should the worst happen!


Landlord Insurance

Some Landlords fail to have this in place and are shocked when something goes wrong!

What would you do in the event of your tenant maliciously damaging your property, if the roof was damaged during a storm or if your tenant made a claim against you after injuring themselves in your property - do you have the resources to make the necessary repairs and protect yourself from liability? A suitable Landlord Insurance policy could prevent you from having the headache of what to do!

Why not get a quick quote online or call our Insurance Team on 0845 345 0315? You can also email them at


Tenants Contents Insurance

Our Insurance Team often hear "I don't need a policy - my Landlord's policy covers my belongings!"  This is a common misconception amongst tenants - their Landlord's policy covers their Landlords and only their Landlords property and contents.

In the event of you accidentally damaging fixtures and fittings in your rented property could you afford to pay the Landlord for any repairs? Or if your bag was stolen out side of the property would you be able to replace the contents? You cannot claim for these on your Landlord's Insurance policy - you require your own, specialist Tenants Contents Insurance policy.

Why not get a quick quote online or call our Insurance Team on 0845 345 0315? You can also email them at 

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How can I protect my investment?

With some experts predicting last month that rising rents could lead to more arrears and with the financial world still looking shaky it would appear that these forces may have an affect on the buy-to-let sector.

Can you afford to lose rental income in this economic climate and how do you protect yourself and your investment from such external forces?

Tenant Referencing

Tenant Referencing is the first line of defence in protecting your investment from uncertainty.

There is no arguing that the housing market is currently in the Landlord's favour with potential tenants scrambling to rent properties; in order to sort the wheat from the chaff it is important you carry out comprehensive tenant checks. Once the tenants are in your property it can be extremely difficult to get them back out again if they are problematic. We've heard plenty of horror stories from landlords who did not carry out the proper checks beforehand.

Don't let yourself be caught off guard  simply call our expert, friendly Referencing Team on 0845 345 1705 or email them at


Rent Guarantee

Remember; a Tenant Reference cannot protect you from unpaid rent but with Rent Guarantee from Leaseguard you can counter the effects of your tenant failing to pay their rent. Our Rent Guarantee policy is designed to protect Landlords against unpaid rent and legal disputes with tenants. *

Our policy includes:

  • Loss of Rent
  • Up to £25,000 Paid for Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses
  • Funds Deposited with Approved Solicitors
  • Vacant Possession Cover - 50% of Rent for 2 Months
  • Hotel Expenses - up to £75 per day up to 30 days
  • Prosecution Defence as a Consequence of Letting your Property
  • 24 Hour Help Lines
  • Available for both Managed and Let Properties
  • Students Acceptable (subject to conditions)
  • Reporting Period 60 Days Maximum
  • One Policy per Annum per Dwelling
  • Excess of 1 month's rent

Why not call our friendly and expert Insurance Team for a quick quote or for more information on 0845 345 0315. Alternatively you can send them an email at

* All tenants MUSTbe satisfactorily referenced using LEASEGUARD Referencing Services.

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Rent Guarantee

  • Up to £25,000 paid for Rent Guarantee
  • Up to £25,000 paid for Legal Expenses
  • One policy per tenancy agreement

Tenant Referencing

  • Personal Service
  • 48 Hour Turnaround
  • Up to date technology

Your Renewal Reminder Service, Let us remind YOU!