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Social Housing: Private Landlords Picking Up Slack?

With reports recently that Social Housing is becoming less and less accessible to the people who need it and the government showing no signs of investing in new social housing initiatives it is now falling to the Private Landlords to pick up the slack.

Just this week Lord Freud has said the housing benefit bill was "out of control" and that families who had a spare room and in receipt of benefits were to have their LHA slashed by £11-£20. His belief is that no recipient of LHA should be afforded the "luxury" of a spare room when many tax payers were unable to afford this luxury themselves.

Labour peer, Baroness Hollis of Heigham, has called the plan to cut the housing benefit of such tenants "claustrophobic" and advised that any savings to be made by the government in cutting this benefit would be based on people staying put rather than downsizing.

If they were forced to downsize due to cuts where would they go? There is already a shortage of social housing - does this mean more and more families will be pushed into the private rental sector?

Private Landlords now find themselves providing rental accommodation for some of the most vulnerable in society. They may find that the some of their tenants will be receiving Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to assist them in paying their rent; this money is paid directly to the tenants and we have heard of Landlords not getting their rent because of this.

Is there really a solution to this problem? Are you being affected by this as a Landlord or a Tenant? We would love to hear from you and run a short feature in a future blog!

If you'd like to get in touch you can contact us on 0845 345 0315 or email us at

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Tenants Contents Insurance - Why Do I Need It?

Although having Tenants Contents Insurance is optional, it is always best practice to have such a policy in place. A common misconception amongst many tenants is that they are covered by their Landlord's Insurance policy - this is not the case. The Landlord's insurance policy only covers the actual building and any contents which the Landlord has insured and provided for your use; your Landlord has no responsibility to replace any of your items. This is why you should ensure you have sufficient cover.

But why should I consider having such a policy in place if it is only "optional"?

Could you replace all your possessions after a small disaster? Having a good Tenants Contents Insurance policy in place has saved many tenants from traumatic loss after a major incident. In the event of fire, flooding, theft or another major incident, many tenants have lost all of their possessions with no way to replace them as they have had no cover in place.

Take a moment to look around your home just now; have you ever sat down and added up how much your belongings are actually worth? You could have a lot more in your home than you may think! Why not contact our Insurance Team and request a copy of our Tenants Contents Calculation Form? The total may surprise you! You can contact our friendly Team on 0845 345 0315 or email them at  

If you damage the Landlord's property (e.g. damaging the carpet or other fixtures and fittings) you could be liable to replace them. Can you really afford to do this? Leaseguard's Tenants Contents policy provides liability cover for up to £2,500 for accidental damage to your Landlord's property.

What can Leaseguard provide me with?

Leaseguard know how important it is to have an insurance policy that will protect your belongings should the unthinkable happen. That is why we have created a comprehensive and affordable Tenants Contents Policy.

Our policy includes:

  • Accidental Damage
  • New For Old Cover
  • Tenants Liability Up To £2,500
  • Replacement of Locks Following Loss of Keys up to £250
  • Frozen Food up to £200
  • Personal Money up to £200
  • Policy Excess of just £100



Optional Cover - Personal Possessions:

Think about the items you are likely to take out of your home with you everyday - your wallet, jewellery, MP3 player or even your laptop!

Here's a list of some personal possessions you may take out and about with you every day:

  • Laptop
  • Wallet
  • MP3 Player
  • Bank & Credit Cards
  • Handbag
  • Camera
  • Spectacles
  • Tablet PC
  • Watch
  • Musical Instruments
  • Portable Electronic Devices
  • Sports Equipment
  • Mountain Bike
  • Tools


'Why should I have Personal Possessions cover?'

A true case in point is a policyholder had a very expensive designer suit which he bought for his wedding, liquid celebrations were obviously fantastic and nearing the end of the night he tripped and fell, tearing both knees of his trousers, fortunately he had Personal Possessions cover in place and was able to claim for a new pair of trousers! Can you afford not to take cover for Personal Possessions outside your home?

Don't wait until it's too late! Click here to get a quote or call our friendly Insurance Team on 0845 345 0315!


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Leaseguard Ltd Raise Over £1000 For Local Charity

Some members of the Leaseguard Team took part in a sponsored walk around Strathclyde Park on the 11th of September 2011 in aid of local charity, the Moira Anderson Foundation.

The team had set themselves a goal of raising £1000 and they are pleased to announce that they have smashed that target! To date the sum raised by Leaseguard is £1901 - much more than they had ever anticipated!

Leaseguard's Chairman, Richard Scott, commented "As Chairman of Leaseguard I am very, very proud of our staff who have a long record of supporting various charities both by efforts in house and various efforts outside. It has been our intention from the start to support small local charities who assist abused families and children and to do our best to be active members in our community."

The sum collected was presented to Sandra Brown OBE, founder of the Moira Anderson Foundation, and Anne Lawson-Taylor, Training & Development Officer, from the Moira Anderson Foundation on Tuesday 11th of October. The monies collected will help them carry on with the great work that they do.

Sandra commented "Over the years Leaseguard have shown such an enlightened attitude to the sensitive subject of child sexual abuse. Leaseguard have provided the foundation with consistent support over the years and such excellent support means our play, "One of Our Ain" and other training we do can now be accessed by more and more secondary schools. We believe raising awareness amongst the young with our school "Stay Safe" project is just as important as the other work we carry out"

The Moira Anderson Foundation believes that their role of providing community education about the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse is just as important as the support they provide survivors.

Sandra Brown added "Raising awareness of such a taboo subject is key to intervention and prevention"

If you would like to make a donation to the charity you can do so by visiting Leaseguard's JustGiving page, checking out the Moira Anderson Foundation's website or you can make a cheque payable to "Moira Anderson Foundation" and pop it in the post to the Leaseguard offices. You can find our contact details here.

Richard Scott said "What a wonderful response for all the efforts of a truly dedicated staff and their friends and families. I sincerely hope that more folk in the community will join us in support of such worthy causes in the future."

Leaseguard and the Moira Anderson foundation would like to thank everyone who sponsored the hardy walkers and runners!

MAF Prensentation 1

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