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LEASEGUARD November Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of Leaseguard's newsletter. Many agents have asked for more regular information on our products, services and what's going on at Leaseguard; we hope that our new and regular emails will address your wishes! The newsletters are a work in progress, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what YOU want to see here!


Tenant Content Calculation Form

Many of our Agents have advised us that they find it difficult to communicate the importance of having Tenants Contents Insurance to their tenants. The number of objections they face from "My belongings are covered by my Landlord's insurance" to "I don't have anything that needs covered" is endless!

Here at Leaseguard we have taken this information on board and are proactively trying to assist our Agents. We have developed a Tenant Content Calculation form which we are currently sending out, along with a letter and an information pack on Tenants Contents Insurance, to the tenants of those Agents who have signed up to our Cross-sell model. We are finding feedback from this initiative promising and if you would like us to contact your tenants, please get in touch with our Insurance Team on 0345 345 0315 or email them at

If you would like some Tenants Calculation Forms to display alongside your Proposal Forms, please do not hesitate to contact Helen at the Business Development Unit at

Veronica Allison's Promotion

We hope you will join us in congratulating Veronica on her promotion to Operations Manager! This means that along with ruling the Referencing Department with her Iron Rod she will be responsible for the day to day running of our Business.

Congratulations Veronica from all the gang here at Leaseguard!


Commercial Property Owners

We have been examining feedback from our Agents and we realise that a lot of them have a mixture of Residential and Commercial properties within their portfolios; we have relayed this information to our underwriters and as a result they have given us access to extremely competitive rates for Commercial Properties!

If any of your Landlords have any Commercial Properties within their portfolios just call our friendly and professional Insurance Team today on 0345 345 0315 or email them at and they will be happy to provide a quotation!


High Value Building & Contents Home Insurance

Leaseguard are delighted to announce the introduction of our new high value Building and Contents Insurance. This new product is designed for private residential homes where the total sum insured for Contents is not less than £50,000.

Could you or any of your clients gain from this new product? Have a look at the benefits:

  • All risks fully covered worldwide as standard
  • Cost of alternative accommodation paid up to 5 years
  • Family legal protection up to £50,000
  • Up to £50,000 for victims of identity fraud
  • Emergency Property Assistance provides emergency repair for essential services by approved tradesmen
  • Automatically covered for works being done to your home up to £75,000
  • Cover for the property of your guests
  • Choice of excess - £100, £250. £500 & £1000

Call our Insurance Team on 0345 345 0315 now or email for a quote or additional information.


Scott Semple's World Tour

As many of our Agents know Scott Semple (affectionately known to some of you as "Mr Casanova"!) of the Insurance Department will not be in the office again until the 2nd of December as he is currently gallivanting across the globe!

If you require any assistance whilst Scott is off there are plenty more capable hands in the Insurance Team! Simply call 0345 345 0315 or email your queries to


Website Link Agreement

Want to generate additional income from your website? All you have to do is simply have a link to our Website from your own Site and as soon as any policies are placed on cover and paid in full we'll pay you commission!

For more information about the Website Link Agreement contact Helen at the Business Development Unit on 01698 368885 or email her at


Referencing Team

Please remember that the Referencing Team are here to assist you! If you want to discuss something, have a query, need more information or would just like to submit some feedback please contact the Referencing Team on 0345 345 1705 or email them at

We are keen to develop our relationship with you and your business, so if there is anything we can do to assist your business needs contact us. We'll see you next month with more updates from Leaseguard.